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Elevator Pitch

Our company has developed a web-based software family with a goal to eliminate manual, paper-based testing and reporting, thus saving thousands of working hours per year spent on these processes, as well as our clients’ money. We are streaming towards covering all evaluation processes (testing, surveying, training, soft skills). Unlike competing systems, our products are being delivered as a standalone, pre-configured virtual appliances that can be deployed on the cloud or local servers within 30 minutes. Another advantage of our company is the pricing model, being a one-time fee, with no additional fees calculated per-user/test/survey.

The YouTestMe team has several projects that offer investment opportunities to every interested individual or company. Below, you will find enclosed the projects available for investing at this moment as well as the important documentation considering the investment process. Contact us if you have any questions.

Documents for Investors

This page contains all the relevant documents concerning the investment opportunities and corresponding product descriptions. For more information contact us at

Document Name Description Document Type
Introduction to YouTestMe Introduction to YouTestMe PDF
YouTestMe Introduction for Investors Introduction to YouTestMe for Investors PDF
YouTestMe Pitch Deck Pitch Deck PDF
YouTestMe Pitch Deck Pitch Deck PPTX
YTM Competitive Advantage What Makes YouTestMe Competitive and Unique PDF
YTM Commercialization Process Commercial Possibilities for YouTestMe Line of Products PDF
YTM Classroom2020 Product Brochure YouTestMe Classroom2020 features, benefits and use cases PDF
YTM GetCertified Product Brochure YouTestMe GetCertified features, benefits and use cases PDF
YTM Mobile TakeQuiz Product Brochure YouTestMe Mobile TakeQuiz features, benefits and use cases PDF

Future Projects: YTM Quiz Marketplace