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Predefined Reports

Within the "Predefined reports" page, you can access various reports in order aggregate and organize information stored in the database. Usually, reports are displayed in a tabular format, but some of them have additional graphical representations. You can export the reports as an Excel or PDF file.

  1. Accessing the page

    To access the "Predefined reports" page, click the "Reporting" option in the main menu, and select "Predefined reports."

  2. Page layout

    On this page, nine report categories are displayed. These categories contain multiple reports that are related to a specific application module.

    Here you can:

    1. Click the report category icon or name to open the list of all related reports.
    2. See the number of reports related to a specific category.
    3. See basic aggregated information for a specific report category.
  3. Accessing reports

    By clicking on the desired report category, you will be navigated to a list of all predefined reports within it, with their names and descriptions.

    On this page, you can:

    1. Open the desired report by clicking on its name.
    2. Mark the report as a favorite by clicking on the star icon. A black star indicates that the report is marked as "Favorite."
  4. Actions

    Usually, reports have a tabular structure and allow the following actions:

    1. Sorting the results.
    2. Searching or filtering the results.
    3. Marking the report as a favorite.
    4. Exporting the results as an Excel or PDF file.

    Also, reports can contain graphical representations of:

    1. A total number of questions from each question type.
    2. Percentage of the total number of questions from each question type.
  5. Overall statistics

    This option helps you create unique statistic reports containing general information about all the predefined report categories. You can create one general report for each of the categories. The available categories are Finished tests statistics, User success on tests, User outcome on surveys, General user statistics, Certificates, Question Pools, and Groups. To create the "Overall statistics" report, click on "Create unique statistics reports with statistics report builder."

      When you click the mentioned option, a report builder wizard will open. Move from step to step to complete the report creating.
    1. In the first step, "Choose report"- Select one of the listed report categories.
    2. In the second step, "Choose parameters" - Select the given parameters.
      1. For example, to create a report, "Finished tests statistics", select parameters:
      2. Test name - enter the keyword or sequence to find the desired test. Please, select Contains or Exact.
      3. Average points - enter the number of average points. Please, select Contains or Exact.
      4. Edit order number.
      5. Choose the sort direction (Ascending or Descending).
    3. The third step, "Report outcome" - Preview the report outcome and download the report
      1. Preview the report outcome in the table.
      2. Export the report in Excel file.
      3. Export the report in PDF file.

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