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Employees and Interns

YouTestMe team is always looking to expand the team with diligent, responsible and efficient people. If you possess these traits, check out the Internships page for applying to work with us. New team members should check out the Work Procedures page to get acquainted with the processes and tools used in development.


The purpose of this page is to describe modules and activities related to students in the YouTestMe project. The system and the process have to be developed to enable a large number of students to join and participate in the project. This project can employ several hundred students. It is very important to emphasize that there are many different modules which require a wide variety of skills:

Programming - Java, Oracle SQL, JSF, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Unix Shell, DOS Batch Programming. Knowledge of any of these is sufficient.

Marketing and Management - Presentations and promotions of the product using various media – video, sound, graphics, internet, etc, new ideas in presentations, creating marketing material, branding...

Quality Assurance - Functional testing, Generating test data and Testing automation.

System Architecture and Administration - Server, work environment, and virtual machine maintenance, the creation of system procedures using scripting languages, etc.

Graphic Design - Graphic art is required in many areas of the project – from the software user interface to documentation, marketing materials, and presentations. Involves students with talents and ideas to create attractive graphics which will be used in the project.

Languages - Creators and translators of various technical and marketing documents are needed since YouTestMe software will be distributed Worldwide.


Students should apply by email to internships@youtestme.com with the following information filled in the Application Form:

Questions Answers
First Name: John
Last Name: Smith
University: John Naisbitt
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Computer Science
Year of studies: Second
Shortly describe where do you see yourself in this project: I would like to be involved with interface-based programming.
Your best qualities: Highly skilled in Java and PHP
Number of hours you are available to work on this project (per week): 10 hours per week