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YouTestMe Mobile TakeQuiz application is a service meant for quick taking quizzes via mobile devices. Its first version (the proof of concept), has been created and will be marketed in Serbia. The features in the mobile version are inherited from the web versions of YouTestMe products - GetCertified and Classroom2020, but limited to taking tests and providing reports.

Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship application is designed to help you practice and learn about Canadian history, geography, economy, and the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian.

Entrance Exam App (Prijemni)

The entrance exam application is marketed in Serbia and meant for the students of the eighth grade elementary school who are about to go to high school. This application represents the main reference and groundwork for future YouTestMe mobile applications. Currently, it is supported on Android only - download it at the Google Play Store.

This is the typical user flow in the application:

On login, users have the option to create a test by clicking one of the three "categories" - Mathematics, Serbian language or Combined (this category contains questions from History, Geography, Physics and Chemistry). If this wasn't their initial login, there is also the option to view their results so far, tests and their ranking on a global leaderboard.

Once a category has been chosen, the application will create a unique test (unique means that 20 random questions are picked from the respective question pool and included in the test) where the users can participate in and check their knowledge for the High School Entrance Exam. The questions have been excerpted from the official workbooks, issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Advancement of Serbia. The number of questions excerpted does not exceed 30% of the each workbook.

When a test is completed, the application will provide a report containing an overview of correct/incorrect answers and the amount of points given. Three points are awarded for a correct answer which means that the maximum score of 60 points can be achieved on each test. There are no negative points for wrong answers.

Once the users complete their review of the report, they are redirected back to the home screen, and can once again perform in a test, review their results or view their ranking on the leaderboard.

Future YouTestMe Mobile Applications


The purpose of the YTM Mobile Application is to enable subscription based service where test takers can practice tests before the official exam.

Functions to be developed:
1. Subscribe to the service
2. Choose the test to practice
3. Execute test


The assumptions are:
1. Practicing tests online is convenient – it can be done anywhere at any time.
2. Test available online are more current than printed material.
3. A revenue can be generated by providing this as a subscription based service.