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Customer Support Contact Information

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Instructions for using YouTestMe GetCertified

This chapter contains instructional documents and videos on how to use YouTestMe GetCertified application.

Link Description
Use integrated Help System Brief instructions on how to use our in-app Help System
Register and Try an Online Proctored Test How to register to the application and try an online proctored test from a student's perspective
How to change password How to change an automatically-generated password which you received during the registration
Create a Simple Test and Organize Users for Test-taking How to create a simple test and organize users for the test-taking process via testing sessions
Create and Store Questions How to create question pools and add them to tests
Organize Users in a Group and Assign them to a Test How to create, manage user groups and assign them to a test
Create a Secure Test with the Lockdown Browser Option How to create a secure test by enabling the lockdown browser option
Test-taking with Remote Proctoring A YouTube tutorial for users on how to start a proctored test and complete the equipment check process
Create and Monitor a Proctored Test A YouTube tutorial on how to create a proctored test and review a recording of it. Due to our Privacy policy, the recordings are not stored by default, and users can monitor a proctored test only in real-time. If you would like to store the proctored test recordings to analyze user activity after the examination process, please contact us at: