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== For Partners ==
== For Partners ==
=== Shaping the Future of Knowledge Assessment ===
=== Shaping the Future of Knowledge Assessment ===
At YouTestMe we are always looking for potential partners that will help us progress in the world of knowledge assessment and management. We are offering you a chance to become a partner and receive a number of benefits for your organization and secure your place as a pioneer in this area. We’re only asking that you involve yourself and your organization deeply into research and development, sharing the invaluable feedback with us. That same feedback will keep us going forward, creating new modules and improving YouTestMe in the process, for the benefits of everyone involved.
At YouTestMe we are always looking for potential partners that will help us progress in the world of knowledge assessment.
=== Partner Benefits ===
=== Partner Benefits ===

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YouTestMe product family consists of several products - all of whom are dedicated to improving the testing processes. Pages below contain details about each of our products.

Document Description
YouTestMe Introduction YouTestMe Introduction.

For Clients - About Products

YouTestMe Get Certified

YouTestMe - GetCertified is an application specialized for testing and certification purposes.


Document Description
YouTestMe GetCertified Product Brochure YouTestMe GetCertified general information.
YouTestMe GetCertified User Manual YouTestMe GetCertified User Manual.
YouTestMe GetCertified Features List List of all features in GetCertified.
YouTestMe GetCertified Installation and Support Manual YouTestMe GetCertified Installation and Support Manual.

Introduction Videos

Video Link Video Description
GetCertified Introduction A basic introduction to the main features of GC.
GetCertified (Question Pool) About question types and how they are organized.
GetCertified (System Security) About system security features, roles, and permissions.
GetCertified (Users Groups) How are users organized, and how you can manage them.
GetCertified (Reports Section) How to view reports and statistics, as well as create custom ones.
GetCertified (Survey Section) How to create and manage surveys.
GetCertified (Tests and Certifications) How to create and manage tests.

YouTestMe Classroom2020

The focus of YouTestMe - Classroom2020 is not solely testing knowledge, but teaching and learning as well. It is capable of meeting the needs of both educational institutions and businesses.


Document Description
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Product Brochure YouTestMe Clasroom2020 general information.
YouTestMe Classroom2020 User Manual YouTestMe Classroom2020 User Manual.
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Features List List of all features in Classroom2020.
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Installation and Support Manual YouTestMe Classroom2020 Installation and Support Manual.

Introduction Videos

Video Link Video Description
Classroom2020 Introduction A basic introduction to the main features of CL2020.

YouTestMe Mobile Take Quiz

YouTestMe - Mobile TakeQuiz is a product designed to provide a quick and easy way to test knowledge on your mobile devices.


Document Description
YouTestMe Mobile Take Quiz YouTestMe Mobile Take Quiz Product Brochure

For Investors

Elevator Pitch

YouTestMe is a web-based software family with a goal to eliminate manual, paper-based knowledge testing. We are streaming towards covering all evaluation processes (testing, surveying, training, soft skills). Our products are delivered as a standalone, pre-configured virtual appliance that can be deployed on the cloud or local servers within 30 minutes. Our pricing model is based on a one-time fee, with no additional fees calculated per-user/test/survey.

For more information contact us at investments@youtestme.com

For Partners

Shaping the Future of Knowledge Assessment

At YouTestMe we are always looking for potential partners that will help us progress in the world of knowledge assessment.

Partner Benefits

Once you’re officially a full-fledged member of the YouTestMe Partnership Programme, there is a number of benefits intended to improve your experience:

- Revenue sharing

- Mutual cross-selling

- You can participate in beta testing of our latest software optionally

- A place in our Research Center for inventing new, revolutionary tools

- An opportunity to appear alongside YouTestMe at conventions and fairs

- Our consulting services in the means of getting the best out of your knowledge evaluation and learning processes.

Applying for Partnership

In order to apply for the partnership programme, fill out the application form on our website. Our support team is able to come up with a personalized solution for you, just contact us at partnerships@youtestme.com


Document Name Description Document Type
YouTestMe Introduction for Investors Introduction to YouTestMe for Investors PDF
YouTestMe Pitch Deck Pitch Deck PDF
YouTestMe Pitch Deck Pitch Deck PPTX
YTM Competitive Advantage What Makes YouTestMe Competitive and Unique PDF
YTM Commercialization Process Commercial Possibilities for YouTestMe Line of Products PDF
YTM WebEx Instructions How to use WebEx PDF

Employees and Interns

YouTestMe team is always looking to expand the team with diligent, responsible and efficient people. If you possess these traits, check out the Internships page for applying to work with us. New team members should check out the Work Procedures page to get acquainted with the processes and tools used in development.


The purpose of this page is to describe modules and activities related to students in the YouTestMe project. The system and the process have to be developed to enable a large number of students to join and participate in the project. This project can employ several hundred students. It is very important to emphasize that there are many different modules which require a wide variety of skills:

Programming - Java, Oracle SQL, JSF, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Unix Shell, DOS Batch Programming. Knowledge of any of these is sufficient.

Marketing and Management - Presentations and promotions of the product using various media – video, sound, graphics, internet, etc, new ideas in presentations, creating marketing material, branding...

Quality Assurance - Functional testing, Generating test data and Testing automation.

System Architecture and Administration - Server, work environment, and virtual machine maintenance, the creation of system procedures using scripting languages, etc.

Graphic Design - Graphic art is required in many areas of the project – from software user interface to documentation, marketing materials, and presentations. Involves students with talents and ideas to create attractive graphics which will be used in the project.

Languages - Creators and translators of various technical and marketing documents are needed since YouTestMe software will be distributed Worldwide.


Document Link Description
Malloc Inc. Rules (Serbian) A list of rules and procedures you must follow in Malloc Inc.
List of Mandatory Procedures A list of procedures that need to be used when working in Malloc Inc.
Setting Email and Company Signature for Outlook Detailed instuctions on how to setup your company mail and signature in MS Outlook.
MS Word Best Practices Using MS Word in Malloc Inc.
SVN Setup Using SVN explained on the example of youtestmedoc.
Bugzilla Usage Detailed instructions on using Bugzilla in the work environment.
Introductory Documentation Package Basic Documents for introduction to YouTestMe products.


Students should apply by email to internships@youtestme.com with the following information filled in the Application Form:

Questions Answers
First Name: John
Last Name: Smith
University: John Naisbitt
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Computer Science
Year of studies: Second
Shortly describe where do you see yourself in this project: I would like to be involved with interface-based programming.
Your best qualities: Highly skilled in Java and PHP
Number of hours you are available to work on this project (per week): 10 hours per week

Phases of the Individual Projects

Each module should have following components:

- Gathering requirements

- Research

- Development

- Implementation

- Quality assurance

Project Philosophy and Guidelines

Basic guidelines:

1. All repetitive tasks should be automated in order to increase productivity, audibility, and security while minimizing the chances of human-induced errors.

2. All projects and tasks should use elements of experimenting to stimulate new ways of thinking and new ideas.

3. All participants in the project should have an opportunity to demonstrate advantages of their ideas.


Certain benefits can be acquired over the course of action:

- Knowledge and job experience;

- Every hard-working participant will receive a referral letter from Malloc Inc;

- Most accomplished participants have a chance of being awarded a scholarship;

- Possibility for a full-time job at Malloc Inc.

- Personal satisfaction in participating in an exciting and interesting project.


Social Events (section)

YouTestMe Promotion Evening Friday 13.2.2015.

In the pleasant atmosphere of Palace Hotel, company CEO Zoran Kukoljac presented the YouTestMe software and the "Classroom2020" project. You can check the video and speech on this video. Make sure to check out our photo album as well!

Media Highlights

Here you can find the articles from around the internet where YouTestMe was mentioned.

The students of Mathematical grammar school have joined the YouTestMe team to work on development, testing and training in the Classroom2020 application.
Mathematical Grammar School students in Malloc Inc.

A short description of YouTestMe – Classroom2020, how it is utilized on the “John Naisbitt” University and the testimonial of Malloc Inc. founder, Zoran Kukoljac.
A short overview of Classroom2020 and how it is utilized on "John Naisbitt" University

The local web portal from Bor, Serbia wrote about the “Entrance Exam” application and how it can be of great use to Elementary School 8th graders.
The benefits of "Entrance Exam" Mobile App