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YouTestMe Introduction

YouTestMe software consists of several products, all of whom are dedicated to automating the knowledge testing processes.

Link Description Type
YouTestMe Introduction Basic information about YouTestMe products PDF
YouTestMe Explainer Video An introduction video to YouTestMe GetCertified and Classroom 2020 Video
Knowledge Base Articles and Frequently Asked Questions Web Page

YouTestMe GetCertified

YouTestMe GetCertified is a web-based application for knowledge testing and certification purposes.

Link Description Type
YouTestMe GetCertified Introduction An introduction to the main features of YouTestMe GetCerified Video
YouTestMe GetCertified Presentation YouTestMe and GetCertified modules, features, and benefits PDF
YouTestMe Solution chosen by Government Institutions What makes the YouTestMe enterprise system suitable for governments and large organizations PDF
YouTestMe GetCertified Software Editions YouTestMe GetCertified product versions are highly adaptable to any use-case scenario and budget PDF
YouTestMe GetCertified Video Tutorials Set of videos and documents intended to walk you through the main modules and functionalities of YouTestMe GetCertified. Page

Important YouTestMe Documentation


Link Description Type
YouTestMe Installation and Support FAQ This document contains frequently asked questions about the installation process and support related to the YouTestMe GetCertified application PDF
YouTestMe Application FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Using YouTestMe GetCertified Application PDF
Naming Conventions Rules for naming components in YouTestMe GetCertified PDF

Technical Documentation

Link Description Type
Cloud Hosting - Basic Technical Information Information about “Cloud hosting" option of YouTestMe solutions PDF
YouTestMe - Hosting Options Information about option included in YouTestMe hosting by default, and additionally charged services PDF
Installation and Support Manual Manual for installing YouTestMe System as Virtual Appliance PDF
Restore Procedure from Virtual Machine Snapshot Procedure to restore the state of Virtual Machine from the snapshot PDF
System Update Procedure Document provides instructions for Linux OS update and virus scan PDF
Upgrade Procedure This document explains the details of the upgrade procedure of the YouTestMe GetCertified application PDF
YouTestMe Appliance Security Hardening The best security practices for YouTestMe Appliance deployment PDF
YTM GetCertified - Instructions for First Time Use Instructions for first log-in and application setup PDF
YTM Delivery List YTM Virtual Appliance Delivery Check-List PDF
Business Continuity Planning Company logistic plan used to restore interrupted business services PDF
YTM Security Policies List of policies that has to provide rules and guidelines to be followed by people accessing company IT resources PDF
Active Directory User Manual User Manual for Active Directory Integration PDF
YTM Get Certified Features YouTestMe GetCertified new features May 2020 PDF
Off-the-grid Testing Step-by-step instructions on how to organize off-the-grid testing in areas without internet connection and electricity PDF
Data-flow diagram Diagram describing communication protocols between application components of YouTestMe Enterprise System PNG
System Requirements and Installation - Basic Information A document that contains system requirements for different editions of YouTestMe GetCertified and basic installation information PDF
PostgreSQL Secure SSL Connection Instructions for secure SSL connection to PostgreSQL database via pgAdmin PDF
PostgreSQL Transparent Data Encryption Describes the CYBERTEC concept of Transparent Data Encryption for PostgreSQL PDF
Resilience Testing Describes YouTestMe approaches to resilience testing and benchmarks PDF

Legal Documentation

Link Description Type
EULA End-User License Agreement PDF
SLA Service-Level Agreemenet PDF
Security Policies Data Privacy and Security Policies PDF
DPA Data Processing Agreement PDF
SaaS Contract Contract for using YouTestMe GetCertified as a Service PDF
Reseller Agreement An agreement that defines authorization and appointment as YouTestMe's reseller PDF
YouTestMe Change Order Form Form filled out in case a client changes the original purchase order WORD

GetCertified Additional Modules Documentation

Link Description Type
YouTestMe GetCertified Product Brochure General information about YouTestMe GetCertified PDF
YouTestMe Help YouTestMe GetCertified help system manual HTML
YouTestMe GetCertified API Documentation API documentation for YouTestMe GetCertified PDF
YouTestMe GetCertified OMR Scanner How does the OMR scanner for paper-based testing in YouTestMe GetCertified work PDF
YouTestMe GetCertified Automated Proctoring Explanation of automated/on-demand proctoring solution in YouTestMe GetCertified PDF

Customer Support

Link Description Type
YoutestMe Customer Support - Contact Information YouTestMe Customer Support contact information PDF
Customer Onboarding Procedure Explanation of all of the steps, questions, and documentation necessary to go through the customer onboarding process. PDF

Pricing and Payment

Link Description Type
Payment Instructions - U.S. Dollars How to pay using U.S. dollars PDF
Payment Instructions - Canadian Dollars How to pay using Canadian dollars PDF
Standard Questionnaire Standard Questionnaire helps us determine adequate pricing and presentation plans for our clients PDF
Pricing Questionnaire Pricing Questionnaire helps us determine an adequate software package and its corresponding cost PDF
Live Demo Questionnaire Live Demo Questionnaire helps us organize the most relevant presentation PDF

For Investors

For more information contact us at investments@youtestme.com

Elevator Pitch

YouTestMe is a web-based software family with a goal to eliminate manual, paper-based knowledge testing. We are streaming towards covering all evaluation processes (testing, surveying, training, soft skills). Our products are delivered as a standalone, pre-configured virtual appliance that can be deployed on the cloud or local servers within 30 minutes. Our pricing model is based on a one-time fee, with no additional fees calculated per-user/test/survey.


Email Newsletters

Link Description Type
YouTestMe Monthly July 2022 We present you the long-awaited & highly requested service - YouTestMe Online Testing Center Link
YouTestMe Monthly June 2022 New Website Launch! At YouTestMe, we are all about stepping up our game, and it is high time we upgraded our website to keep up with our latest work. Link
YouTestMe Monthly May 2022 Top 6 must-have features of online examination software Link
YouTestMe Monthly April 2022 Introducing a new module called Multiple Graders. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly March 2022 Blog explaining how to transform from paper to online exams. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly February 2022 YouTestMe GetCertied has integrated with Moodle, one of the most popular open-source learning platforms PDF
YouTestMe Monthly January 2022 Our Brand New Look. New app design in the making. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly December 2021 Winter sale. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly November 2021 YouTestMe developed an advanced exam booking system as enabled defining capacities, including examination fees, and setting booking and cancellation deadlines. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly October 2021 Multilingual Examination. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly September 2021 LTI + YouTestMe GetCertified Secure Integration with Your LMS Endless Possibilities for Your eLearning Ecosystem. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly August 2021 Division Organization through Roles & Permissions. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly July 2021 YouTestMe GetCertified, an online examination platform, now supports the standards of Pearson VUE, the world’s largest test center network for computer-based test delivery. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly June 2021 YouTestMe GetCertified can seamlessly be integrated with your LMS. No migration is required, so you can measure the effectiveness of your e-learning programs and online training courses with our online examination platform. PDF
YouTestMe Monthly May 2021 We are introducing an extensive library of free professional tests and question pools that you can use to conduct your business and training assessments PDF
YouTestMe Blog Newsletter How to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams PDF
YouTestMe Whitepaper Generic Newsletter - YouTestMe company introduction, products and services PDF
YouTestMe Monthly April 2021 Customize the language interface, efficiently manage translations and use GetCertified reports to conduct item analysis PDF
YouTestMe Monthly March 2021 Discover how to automate, schedule, and scale your workloads and easily integrate other systems and applications with YouTestMe GetCertified PDF
YouTestMe Monthly February 2021 An improved E-Commerce feature allows you to sell your exams flexibly, while our video library will quickly walk you through all application functionalities and modules PDF
YouTestMe Monthly January 2021 Solutions for secure online testing that meet any objective and budget: Real-time Test Monitoring, Live Proctoring Using Conference Tools, and Automated Proctoring Using Artificial Intelligence PDF
YouTestMe Monthly December 2020 e-Testing Center: Introducing an end-to-end, fully automated solution for exam development, delivery, registration, scheduling, result processing, and reporting PDF
YouTestMe Monthly November 2020 e-Testing Center & Zapier: YouTestMe provides a fully outsourced service to develop and deliver high-stakes certification exams and the Zapier integrations with +1,300 applications PDF
YouTestMe Monthly October 2020 New Product Release: YouTestMe GetCertified 10.1 - Android Application and Seamless integration with your LMS or other software PDF
YouTestMe Monthly July 2020 Major Product Release: New interface, SSO, Proctorio, Multilingual examination, Hot Spot questions, Test retake feature, Automated import of paper-based test results with Scantron, Transfer data to LRS, GDPR compliance, deployment on FedRAMP-compliant Microsft Azure servers PDF
YouTestMe Monthly April 2020 YouTesMe GetCertified New Features: Automated Proctoring, E-Commerce, Application Programming Interface, Secure Exam Environment, and optional OMR Scanner for paper-based testing PDF
Knowledge Examination Platform YouTestMe GetCertified can seamlessly integrate with your LMS. You can measure the effectiveness of your e-learning programs and online training courses with our online examination platform, without migrating from one system to another PDF

Other Products

YouTestMe Classroom2020

The focus of YouTestMe - Classroom2020 is not solely testing knowledge, but teaching and learning as well. It is capable of meeting the needs of both educational institutions and businesses.


Link Description Type
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Product Brochure YouTestMe Classroom2020 general information PDF
YouTestMe Classroom2020 User Manual YouTestMe Classroom2020 user manual PDF
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Features List List of all features in Classroom2020 PDF

Introduction Videos

Link Description Type
Classroom2020 Introduction A basic introduction to the main features of CL2020 Video

YouTestMe Mobile TakeQuiz

YouTestMe - Mobile TakeQuiz is a product designed to provide a quick and easy way to test knowledge on your mobile devices.


Link Description Type
YouTestMe Mobile TakeQuiz YouTestMe mobile take quiz product brochure PDF