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YouTestMe Introduction

YouTestMe product family consists of several products all of whom are dedicated to automating the knowledge testing processes.

Document Description
YouTestMe Introduction YouTestMe Introduction.

YouTestMe GetCertified

YouTestMe GetCertified is an application specialized for knowledge testing and certification purposes.


Document Description
YouTestMe GetCertified Product Brochure YouTestMe GetCertified general information.
YouTestMe Help YouTestMe Help
YouTestMe GetCertified Features List List of all features in GetCertified.
YouTestMe GetCertified API Documentation YouTestMe GetCertified API Documentation.
YouTestMe GetCertified OMR Scanner YouTestMe GetCertified OMR Scanner.
YouTestMe GetCertified Automated Proctoring YouTestMe GetCertified Automated (On Demand) Proctoring.

Instructional Videos and Documents

Video Link Video Description
GetCertified Introduction An introduction of the main features of YouTestMe GetCerified
Question Pools Question types and questions organization in question pools
System Security Security roles and permissions
Users Groups User organization and management
Reports Using Predefined and Custom Reports
Surveys Creating and managing surveys
Tests and Certifications Creating and managing tests
Proctoring Creating and managing proctored tests

Technical Documentation

Document Description
Technical Manual Technical Manual
Installation and Suport Manual Installation and Suport Manual
Restore Procedure from Virtual Machine Snapshot Restore Procedure from Virtual Machine Snapshot
System Update Procedure System Update Procedure.
Upgrade Procedure Upgrade Procedure
YouTestMe Appliance Security Hardening YouTestMe Appliance Security Hardening
Deployment of the Standard Version Deployment of the Standard Version
Deployment of the Enetrpise Version Deployment of the Enetrpise Version


Document Description
Frequently Asked Questions - Support Frequently Asked Questions - Support.
Frequently Asked Questions - DIA Support Frequently Asked Questions - DIA Support.

YouTestMe Classroom2020

The focus of YouTestMe - Classroom2020 is not solely testing knowledge, but teaching and learning as well. It is capable of meeting the needs of both educational institutions and businesses.


Document Description
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Product Brochure YouTestMe Clasroom2020 general information.
YouTestMe Classroom2020 User Manual YouTestMe Classroom2020 User Manual.
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Features List List of all features in Classroom2020.
YouTestMe Classroom2020 Installation and Support Manual YouTestMe Classroom2020 Installation and Support Manual.

Introduction Videos

Video Link Video Description
Classroom2020 Introduction A basic introduction to the main features of CL2020.

YouTestMe Mobile TakeQuiz

YouTestMe - Mobile TakeQuiz is a product designed to provide a quick and easy way to test knowledge on your mobile devices.


Document Description
YouTestMe Mobile TakeQuiz YouTestMe Mobile Take Quiz Product Brochure

Video Tutorial

Video Link Video Description
WebEx Video Tutorial Video Tutorial for using Cisco WebEx.

For Investors

Elevator Pitch

YouTestMe is a web-based software family with a goal to eliminate manual, paper-based knowledge testing. We are streaming towards covering all evaluation processes (testing, surveying, training, soft skills). Our products are delivered as a standalone, pre-configured virtual appliance that can be deployed on the cloud or local servers within 30 minutes. Our pricing model is based on a one-time fee, with no additional fees calculated per-user/test/survey.

For more information contact us at investments@youtestme.com

For Partners

Shaping the Future of Knowledge Assessment

At YouTestMe we are always looking for potential partners that will help us progress in the world of knowledge assessment.

Applying for Partnership

In order to apply for the partnership program, fill out the application form on our website. Our support team is able to come up with a personalized solution for you, just contact us at partnerships@youtestme.com


Document Name Description Document Type
YouTestMe Pitch Deck Pitch Deck PDF
YouTestMe Pitch Deck Pitch Deck PPTX
YTM Competitive Advantage What Makes YouTestMe Competitive and Unique PDF
YTM Commercialization Process Commercial Possibilities for YouTestMe Line of Products PDF
YTM WebEx Instructions How to use WebEx PDF