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YouTestMe is a Canadian technology company headquartered in Toronto, providing software and services for secure remote online knowledge examination, training, and certification.

Link Description Type
Website YouTestMe official website. Webpage
Company Information General information about YouTestMe, key people, company background, most notable clients, and references. PDF

YouTestMe GetCertified

YouTestMe GetCertified is software for secure and remote online knowledge examination, training, and certification with optional proctoring services for monitoring testing sessions.

General Information

Link Description Type
Application Overview 2-minute video explaining the main uses and features of YouTestMe GetCertified. Video
General Brochure Brochure consisting of the main information about YouTestMe and the benefits of our services for different customer groups. PDF
Video Tutorials Set of videos and documents demonstrating the main modules and functionalities of YouTestMe GetCertified version 11. Wiki page
Knowledge Base Catalog of articles containing step-by-step instructions for major workflows and functionalities. Webpage


Link Description Type
Why Is YouTestMe Perfect For The Government? YouTestMe services and key features for the Government and a brief overview of our previous clients from that sector. PDF
Why Is YouTestMe Perfect For Large Corporations? YouTestMe services for corporate training, key features for large corporations, and an overview of our previous clients from the corporate sector. PDF
Online Testing Center - End-To-End Services For Organizing Online Knowledge Testing Information on how to outsource your knowledge testing to YouTestMe by letting us organize fully remote proctored secure testing sessions on demand. PDF

Technical Documentation

Standard Documentation

Link Description Type
Business Continuity Planning Logistic plan to restore interrupted business services. PDF
Data-Flow Diagram Diagram describing communication protocols between application components of the YouTestMe system. PNG

Installation and Upgrades

Link Description Type
Installation Manual Step-by-step instructions for installing the YouTestMe system on your server as a virtual appliance. PDF
Instructions For First-Time Use Instructions for accessing the application for the first time and recommended initial settings (changing the passwords and the time zone). PDF
Upgrade Manual Step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade the YouTestMe system using the upgrade package delivered to you. PDF
Recovery Procedure Instructions for returning the YouTestMe system to the previously saved stated (snapshot). PDF
Procedure For Upgrading Operating System Instructions for updating Linux OS and performing the virus scan on YouTestMe virtual appliance. PDF
System Logs and Events Management YouTestMe best practices for event logging and log monitoring. PDF
Resilience Testing YouTestMe benchmarks and best practices for resilience testing. PDF


Link Description Type
Virtual Appliance Security Hardenings Additional security measures for YouTestMe virtual appliance. PDF
Internal Security Policies YouTestMe policies for accessing company IT resources and handling technical processes PDF
PostgreSQL Secure SSL Connection Instructions for secure SSL connection to PostgreSQL database via pgAdmin. PDF
PostgreSQL Transparent Data Encryption Explanation of the CYBERTEC concept for transparent data encryption on PostgreSQL. PDF
ISO/IEC 27001 YouTestMe ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for managing information security. PDF

Special Settings

Link Description Type
Off-The-Grid Testing Step-by-step instructions for organizing online knowledge testing in areas without an internet connection and electricity. PDF
OMR Scanner Workflow for organizing paper-based testing and using the OMR scanner with the YouTestMe system. PDF

Customer Support

Link Description Type
Troubleshooting Guide For Proctored Tests A guide for resolving the most frequent challenges related to proctored tests in the YouTestMe system. PDF
Naming Conventions Rules for naming components in YouTestMe GetCertified, commonly used when writing specifications and test cases for user acceptance testing. PDF

Legal Documentation

Link Description Type
EULA End-User License Agreement, specifying the rights and restrictions which apply to the use of the software. PDF
SLA Service-Level Agreement, specifying the type of services provided to the customer, usually including but not limited to details about technical support and hosting services. PDF
DPA Data Processing Agreement, specifying data privacy, confidentiality, disclosure of information, and data security. PDF

Payment Instructions

Link Description Type
Payment Instructions For United States Dollars Step-by-step instructions for paying an invoice using United States dollars (USD). PDF
Payment Instructions For Canadian Dollars Step-by-step instructions for paying an invoice using Canadian dollars (CAD). PDF

Marketing Materials

Success Stories

Link Description Type
Remote and Bi-Annual Secure Certification One-page explanation of how YouTestMe handles all aspects of global remote certification for the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA). Emphasis is on cheating prevention, automated proctoring, and data entry. Webpage
Automating Training of Medical Personnel in Numerous Institutions YouTestMe worked closely with the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine team to find the best solution that would fit their scenario. Today, they have 2,000 to 4,000 test attempts monthly and 36,000 users. Webpage

News Aticles

Link Description Type
How To Prevent Cheating In Online Exams? One-page article in Education Technology Insights about best practices for cheating prevention in remote knowledge testing, like remote proctoring and generating different versions of the same test. Webpage
YouTestMe: Simple Knowledge Testing, Evaluation, Learning An Interview with YouTestMe Chief Operating Officer Danilo Sretenovic about YouTestMe, current and future trends in online knowledge examination. Webpage

Monthly Newsletters

Link Description Type
November 2022 Everything you need to know about a seamless organization of training and certification processes is in a YouTube playlist. Link
October 2022 Promotion of solutions for four business categories - governments, test owners, educational institutions, and enterprises. Link
September 2022 Have a sneak peek of our software from the candidate’s perspective. It is free, quick, and entertaining! Choose a test from our library and enjoy your first-hand YouTestMe experience. Link
August 2022 Freemium model promotion. Fully experience the application without worrying about the payment in advance. Link
July 2022 We present you the long-awaited & highly requested service - YouTestMe Online Testing Center. Pay only a one-time fee that covers the premium YouTestMe experience – from the beginning to the end of the examination process. No strings attached. Link
June 2022 New Website Launch! At YouTestMe, we are all about stepping up our game, and it is high time we upgraded our website to keep up with our latest work. Link
May 2022 Explanation of top 6 must-have features of online examination software: Test creation, exam booking, payment, recertification, proctoring, grading, and reporting. Link
April 2022 Introduction of a new module called Multiple Graders. Students often question the reliability of their grades. Multiple graders ensure a credible grading process. PDF
March 2022 Blog explaining how to transform from paper to online exams. If a traditional summative exam is required in your class, these suggestions can help you and your students have a better online test-taking experience. PDF
February 2022 YouTestMe GetCertied has integrated with Moodle, one of the most popular open-source learning platforms PDF
January 2022 Announcement of the new app design. Link
December 2021 Winter sale 2022 with a discount of 15% on any edition. PDF
November 2021 YouTestMe developed an advanced exam booking system as enabled defining capacities, including examination fees, and setting booking and cancellation deadlines. PDF
October 2021 Presentation of the multilingual interface. More than 100 languages available for examination. PDF
September 2021 LTI + YouTestMe GetCertified Secure Integration with Your LMS Endless Possibilities for Your eLearning Ecosystem. PDF
August 2021 Division Organization through Roles & Permissions. PDF
July 2021 YouTestMe GetCertified, an online examination platform, now supports the standards of Pearson VUE, the world’s largest test center network for computer-based test delivery. PDF
June 2021 YouTestMe GetCertified can seamlessly be integrated with your LMS. No migration is required, so you can measure the effectiveness of your e-learning programs and online training courses with our online examination platform. PDF
May 2021 We are introducing an extensive library of free professional tests and question pools that you can use to conduct your business and training assessments PDF
YouTestMe Blog Newsletter How to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams PDF
YouTestMe Whitepaper Generic Newsletter - YouTestMe company introduction, products and services PDF
April 2021 Customize the language interface, efficiently manage translations and use GetCertified reports to conduct item analysis PDF
March 2021 Discover how to automate, schedule, and scale your workloads and easily integrate other systems and applications with YouTestMe GetCertified PDF
February 2021 An improved E-Commerce feature allows you to sell your exams flexibly, while our video library will quickly walk you through all application functionalities and modules PDF
January 2021 Solutions for secure online testing that meet any objective and budget: Real-time Test Monitoring, Live Proctoring Using Conference Tools, and Automated Proctoring Using Artificial Intelligence PDF
December 2020 e-Testing Center: Introducing an end-to-end, fully automated solution for exam development, delivery, registration, scheduling, result processing, and reporting PDF
November 2020 e-Testing Center & Zapier: YouTestMe provides a fully outsourced service to develop and deliver high-stakes certification exams and the Zapier integrations with +1,300 applications PDF
October 2020 New Product Release: YouTestMe GetCertified 10.1 - Android Application and Seamless integration with your LMS or other software PDF
July 2020 Major Product Release: New interface, SSO, Proctorio, Multilingual examination, Hot Spot questions, Test retake feature, Automated import of paper-based test results with Scantron, Transfer data to LRS, GDPR compliance, deployment on FedRAMP-compliant Microsft Azure servers PDF
April 2020 YouTesMe GetCertified New Features: Automated Proctoring, E-Commerce, Application Programming Interface, Secure Exam Environment, and optional OMR Scanner for paper-based testing PDF
Knowledge Examination Platform YouTestMe GetCertified can seamlessly integrate with your LMS. You can measure the effectiveness of your e-learning programs and online training courses with our online examination platform, without migrating from one system to another PDF