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YouTestMe is a Canadian technology company headquartered in Toronto, providing software and services for secure remote online knowledge examination, training, and certification.

Link Description Type
Website YouTestMe official website. Webpage
Company Information and References General information about YouTestMe and References. PDF

YouTestMe GetCertified

YouTestMe GetCertified is the complete, all-in-one software for secure and remote online knowledge examination, training, and certification with optional proctoring services for monitoring testing sessions.

General Information

Link Description Type
General Presentation The official presentation of YouTestMe. PDF
General Presentation - Long Long version of the official YouTestMe presentation PDF
Application Overview 2-minute video explaining the main uses and features of YouTestMe GetCertified. Video
Video Tutorials Set of instructional videos demonstrating the main modules and functionalities of YouTestMe GetCertified version 11. Webpage
Knowledge Base Catalog of articles containing step-by-step instructions for major workflows and functionalities. Webpage
Third party license notice

Marketing Material

Link Description Type
Customer Success Stories Discover how YouTestMe has transformed the assessment experience for our clients through these inspiring success stories. Webpage
YouTestMe Comprehensive Overview All-encompassing presentation of YouTestMe's robust online examination platform. PDF
Proctoring Presentation Discover how AI and live proctoring solution revolutionize the security and credibility of online examination. PDF
Press and Media Explore articles, press releases, and media coverage featuring YouTestMe. Webpage
Blogs Informative articles, expert insights, and best practices related to online assessments, e-learning, and the latest developments in the YouTestMe platform. Webpage


Link Description Type
Tender FAQ A concise guide addressing common inquiries regarding the tender process PDF

Technical Documentation

Classification of the YouTestMe Users

Name of the Role Role
YouTestMe System Administrator Install, configure and maintain YouTestMe virtual machines and underlying platform
YouTestMe Application Administrator Control YouTestMe application settings such as branding, date formats, integration with mail server, create and remove application users, etc.
YouTestMe Application Users Instructors organizing knowledge tests, content (questions, tests) creators, candidates doing tests.

YouTestMe Installation, Configuration and Maintenance Manuals

Link Role Description Type
YouTestMe Standard Edition - Installation and Support Manual YouTestMe System Administrator Step-by-step instructions for installing the standard version of the YouTestMe application on your server as a virtual appliance for the on-premise clients. PDF
YouTestMe Enterprise Edition - Installation and Support Manual YouTestMe System Administrator Step-by-step instructions for installing the enterprise version of the YouTestMe application on your servers delivered as a set of virtual appliances for the on-premise clients. PDF
PostgreSQL Hot Standby Database Configuration YouTestMe System Administrator Learn how to configure the Hot Standby PostgreSQL database to ensure continuous backup using real-time data replication. PDF
Off-The-Grid Testing YouTestMe System Administrator Step-by-step instructions for organizing online knowledge testing in areas without an internet connection and electricity. PDF

Usage Instructions

Link Role Description Type
Instructions For First-Time Use YouTestMe Application Administrator Instructions for accessing the application for the first time and recommended initial settings (changing the passwords and the time zone). PDF
OMR Scanner YouTestMe Application Administrator Workflow for organizing paper-based testing and using the OMR scanner with the YouTestMe system. PDF

Security and Accessibility

Link Role Description Type
Virtual Appliance Security Hardenings YouTestMe System Administrator Additional security measures for YouTestMe virtual appliance. PDF
Information Security Policies YouTestMe System Administrator The Information Security Document that outlines the company's policies, procedures, and best practices for ensuring the security of sensitive information and data assets. PDF
PostgreSQL Secure SSL Connection YouTestMe System Administrator Instructions for secure SSL connection to PostgreSQL database via pgAdmin. PDF
PostgreSQL Transparent Data Encryption YouTestMe System Administrator Explanation of the CYBERTEC concept for transparent data encryption on PostgreSQL. PDF
Accessibility Conformance Report (based on VPAT 2.4) YouTestMe System Administrator A report that summarizes the YouTestMe GetCertified level of accessibility conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards. PDF
Risk Management YouTestMe System Administrator The risk management document outlines the comprehensive policies and procedures for assessing risks and ensuring the security of our business operations. It serves as a guide for identifying potential threats, evaluating their impact, and implementing measures to mitigate risks effectively, safeguarding the continuity and integrity of our business processes. PDF
Data Classification YouTestMe System Administrator The document on data classification delineates clear policies for categorizing and managing access to various types of data within our organization. It establishes criteria for classifying data based on sensitivity and importance alongside guidelines for controlling access levels, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability in alignment with regulatory requirements and organizational needs. PDF
ISO/IEC 27001 YouTestMe System Administrator YouTestMe ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for managing information security. PDF
ISO 9001 YouTestMe System Administrator YouTestMe ISO 9001:2015 certificate. PDF

System Documentation

Link Role Description Type
Business Continuity Planning YouTestMe System Administrator Logistic plan to restore interrupted business services. PDF
System Logs and Events Management YouTestMe System Administrator YouTestMe best practices for event logging and log monitoring. PDF
Data-Flow Diagram YouTestMe System Administrator Diagram describing communication protocols between application components of the YouTestMe system. PNG
Resilience Testing YouTestMe System Administrator YouTestMe benchmarks and best practices for resilience testing. PDF
Third-Party Dependency Management YouTestMe Release Manager Procedure for managing third-party software dependencies to ensure security, compatibility, and maintainability in software releases.. PDF

Customer Support

Link Description Type
Troubleshooting Guide For Proctored Tests A guide for resolving the most frequent challenges related to proctored tests in the YouTestMe system. PDF
Naming Conventions Rules for naming components in YouTestMe GetCertified, commonly used when writing specifications and test cases for user acceptance testing. PDF

Legal Documentation

Link Description Type
EULA End-User License Agreement, specifying the rights and restrictions which apply to the use of the software. PDF
SLA Service-Level Agreement, specifying the type of services provided to the customer, usually including but not limited to details about technical support and hosting services. PDF
DPA Data Processing Agreement, specifying data privacy, confidentiality, disclosure of information, and data security. PDF

Navigating YouTestMe GetCertified Packages

Name Description Type
YTM Instructions for Demo User This document is your roadmap for navigating YouTestMe GetCertified's packages and roles. Discover Workspaces for focused demos, access various environments with existing data and explore package specifics and features. Notably, users share the same system-generated password for application access. Use this guide to enrich your GetCertified experience. PDF